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Reams pH Analysis

The Reams pH Analysis is a mathematical test used to analyze the pH in ones urine and saliva. By doing this test one can determine sugars, urine and saliva pH, salts, cell debris, and ureas. By keep our bodies balanced in the areas previously mentioned, we will be able to assimilate the minerals needed to remain healthy, fight disease, and experience a healthier life.

Sugars (aka Carbohydrates)…the main cause for sugar problems is liver malfunction. Liver malfunction occurs when there is a lack of oxygen to the cells going to the liver. If the sugar numbers are unstable (due to a lack of minerals) the ability of the blood to carry and maintain adequate oxygen balance is weakened. There is a chain reaction that takes place in the liver and it cannot pick up the harmful carbon. If the sugars are too high or too low, then your body cannot assimilate vitamin C and it can point to a parasite and/or fungus (Candida) issue in the body.

pH (potential of hydrogen) is the measurement of resistance and indicates the speed at which energy is moving through the body. pH is key in digestion. The pH reading tells us if we are getting the right amount of the right kind of minerals and if the energy from our food is being put on our frequency so it can be used to build and maintain cellular structures. An acidic pH (5.0 – 6.2) shows there is too little resistance or in this case digestion is going too fast and not assimilating any minerals.An alkaline pH (6.6 – 7.0) shows there is too much resistance or digestion is going to slow and food basically starts to rot in our digestive track.As in an acidic body, an alkaline body has minimal assimilation of minerals.

Salts (aka Conductivity) indicate the salt concentration or conductivity in the body.It also indicates the osmotic pressures and fluid balance of the cells.High salts indicate that there is excessive energy loss, in the form of heat through the skin that should been used in the cells. By having excessive salts it is damaging the blood vessels, nerves, joints, digestive tract, kidneys, and eyes. The liver is responsible for flushing out the excessive minerals and electrolytes.When the liver is malfunctioning the extra work then spills over onto the kidneys and adrenals which then leads to malfunction of both the kidney and adrenals.

Cell Debris is an indication of the number of dead cells leaving the body. In a healthy/healing body we want an equal exchange – dead cells out = new cells in.If just one number in the equation is out of range then the dead cells are not leaving the body.If the dead cells do not leave the body they get sticky and clump together and develop a compromised body. However, as a sick person starts to heal their body, they will have more cells leaving their body.

Ureas… represent the total amount of un-utilized protein that is being handled by the liver and sent to the kidneys for elimination in an ideal body chemistry.Ureas may also indicate too much protein in your diet. High levels of soluble urea salts create an increase in the thickness of the blood. This increase in the blood thickness makes the heart work harder to pump the blood.This can contribute to one type of heart attack. These high urea salts decrease the body’s ability to bring nutrients to organs and remove waste from the cells. The greater the urea number the poorer the proteolytic enzyme production by the liver and other enzyme-producing organs.

Water…has a major role in our body.When you realize that our bodies are made up of 70% of water it make sense that we need it to function correctly. According to Dr. Reams distilled water is best for our bodies. As a rule ½ your body weight in ounces of water each day is best. However, there are instances when we may need more. That is where the Reams pH Analysis test comes in.It will tell us how much water is needed and which of the above numbers we need to work on getting into a healing range.

It is easier to stay well than it is to get well.Learn how to do so by educating yourself. Knowledge is power…empower yourself!