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IV Nutrient Therapy

Most people are so depleted of essential nutrients that their bodies cannot properly heal itself, regardless if the person is fighting an infection or a more serious condition. IV nutrient therapy speeds up the healing process and makes people feel better faster. "Why?" you ask. Once you are receiving the IV nutrients all a person has to do is sit back and relax and let the body's cells and the IV nutrients do the work.

"Receiving nutritional support by IV allows for greater absorption by the cells." Absorption is the key when doing IV nutrient therapy. In order for absorption to occur, the nutrients must be in a higher concentration outside the cells as compared to the inside the cells. However if your cells are sick they may not be able to transport the nutrients in sufficient quantities to restore their healthy normal function. That is when nutrients need to be administered at a concentration high enough to be forced into the cells. As the concentration level outside of the cells increases, the more receptive the cell is to absorbing the nutrients, thus increasing cell function which in turn will increase the person's rate of healing.

In a nutrient deficient person (which most of us are) the body usually absorbs only 10% of nutrients taken in, however if we increase the concentration of the nutrients by 1000% by using an IV, this will allow the body to absorb 100% of the nutrients. By absorbing 100% of the nutrients it will increase intracellular health and function.

So, why can't a person take the nutrients orally? Why do they need IV therapy? Usually oral nutrition- therapy is reserved for individuals who have "mild, marginal health problems or deficiencies that don't require a "bigger gun"." However, IV therapy is a very effective preventative measure for one's health. When dealing with a severe illness or health problem, a person cannot get doses needed orally. "When many nutritional supplements are taken at once, in large doses that are required, the body simply cannot handle digesting and absorbing the nutrients." A person can experience a skin rash, diarrhea, and/or upset stomach because the body cannot handle that level of oral nutrient concentration - then making an already sick person even sicker. In cases of serious illnesses, IV therapy cannot be used as a preventative measure, but as part of the treatment for the illness or disease.

IV nutrition is also a perfect solution when a person simply cannot take or does not want to take anymore pills. IV nutrition is also a great solution when a person's ability to absorb nutrients is inhibited due to medication, antibiotic use, yeast or bacterial overgrowth, and existing nutritional deficiencies.

For more information on IV nutrient therapy please call Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Center at (417) 256-4592.