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Kris Kirby DC, MTAA

It all began while growing up in a small rural community with a very loving family. Over the years, I would watch as members of the family would help each other whenever needed. My parents instilled me with the value of helping and/or assisting family, neighbor, and mankind whenever possible. As I matured, I began to realize that I really enjoyed helping others and that I wanted this to be a part of my everyday life. During my undergraduate college years, a personal experience with chiropractic care enticed my interest in this profession. Upon observation of this profession, I enjoyed the benefits patients were experiencing from treatments. Consequently, I attended and graduated from chiropractic school. I was finally getting a chance to help others daily. After a few years of practice, my daughter was born. She alone has been my inspiration to further expand my knowledge base and treatments. Nowadays, my ever-yearning mind continues to want more knowledge in order to further help my patients and my family. I am constantly expanding my practice with cutting-edge treatments and will continue to be forever a student for my patients. I often think about my past and how I got here today, and I realize that my passion for helping and educating others started years ago in that small rural community. Now, I get to come to work in that same community and help fulfill my love for assisting others at Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Center!