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Jenny Bunch

My name is Jenny Bunch, I am new to the Healthy Lifestyles family. I am the first face you will see when you have an appointment with Dr. Cammie. I started working at Healthy Lifestyles the beginning of October and just now settling in enough to introduce myself to you all. Let’s get started. I have been married to a wonderful guy the last 11 years, David. We have four amazing children, Mickayla, Zackery, Madison, and Molly. I moved to West Plains just over 13 years ago, and truly love this area. I am an outdoor adventurer and always find great places to visit. We love the lake in the summertime, and find places to hike in the winter, less likely to find ticks then! Moving from Denver I didn’t have to worry about those!

I am so honored to have been given this position and to work with the best of the best. I am learning so much and cannot wait to meet you all. Until then, Jenny.