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Our Mission

Empowering our patients is why the healthcare team at Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Center gets out of bed in morning. It is so rewarding for us to educate our patients and allow them to make the best decisions regarding the health and well-being of not only themselves but of their family as well. There is nothing more awesome than seeing patients “get it”. That moment they realize they have the tools to make an informed healthcare decision AND they have the confidence to actually do so is very powerful.

We create and provide a safe environment for patients to feel like they can ask questions and truly be a part of their healthcare team. It is important for us, as their healthcare team, to provide the information necessary for our patients to make an informed decision in any aspect of their lives.

We do this by being present during office visits and listening to what you, our patient has to say. While we are listening, we are also watching to see what your body is telling us. Our bodies can speak volumes if there is someone qualified to see the early signs of dysfunction. It is at this time that we can make the biggest difference. Treatments may include a variety of modalities, therefore, it is important for the providers and patients to work as a team to accomplish the most favorable outcome.

We make available different educational opportunities for our patients and our community whether it be through classes, workshops, newsletters, and various other social media. Through these opportunities we hope to encourage people to take responsibility for their health by doing research and asking questions. These opportunities will also allow community members to be involved with other people who share a common interest of gaining health to live longer and happier lives.

It is easier to stay well than to get well. Knowledge is power…..Be empowered!