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Terms of Membership

HLWC Members

1. By becoming a HLWC member, you are choosing to take your health into your hands and making a commitment to the best cause…YOU!
2. You become a member by agreeing to save at least $40 each month (or $50, $60, or any multiple of $10) into your HLWC Account (“Account”) towards your next visit, yours to spend on any service or product that HLWC offers, whenever you want. You are not required to spend your Account balance in any given month, and you can let your balance accrue until you want to use it.
3. A Family membership is defined as two or more members within the same household. For example, a member and spouse (significant other/life partner), or a member and a child, or a member, spouse and child (children). A child is defined as a child of either adult member, 18 years of age and younger, living in the same household, and still in school. The monthly payment for a Family membership will increase by $30.00 for the second member and by $20.00 for the third member and by $20.00 for every additional member thereafter. For example: Family membership for Member and spouse is $70.00 per month, Family membership for Member and child is $70.00 per month, Family membership for Member, spouse and child is $90.00 per month, Family membership for Member, spouse and two children is $110.00.
4. In return for your commitment to the health of you and your family, you get preferential pricing. You will pay the HLWC member price rather than the normal price.
5. NOTE:
• There is no obligation to schedule a visit. You decide when and if you want to schedule a visit. This is a commitment you make to yourself and your health. There will be doctor recommendations for treatment but you make the ultimate decision. It is truly up to you to decide what you feel is best for your health. We are just here to give you the tools and empower you to heal yourself.
• Your first payment will be transferred from your registered credit or debit card when you become a HLWC member and monthly payments will be transferred from your registered credit or debit card on the first or fifteenth (which ever date you choose) of the following month and every month that you continue being a HLWC member. If you choose to do a family plan you can determine how you want the payment split across the accounts as well.
• If your account balance exceeds the amount of credit already on your account then you can pay the difference at the time of service. Any remaining balance will be on your statement that will go out the first day of every month.
• There are a handful of services that are already highly-discounted that there is no additional HLWC member discount, which we will make clear.
• As a HLWC member you will be entitled to attend any of our educational classes FREE of charge EXCEPT those that are otherwise specified.
6. There is no HLWC member discount when buying a gift certificate, all gift certificates are for a dollar amount. However, you can use what funds are left in your account for the purchase of a gift certificate.
7. Your participation as a HLWC member entitles you only to the benefits listed in these Terms and Conditions.
8. Your membership entitlement is on a month to month payment basis. You can cancel your HLWC member membership at any time by calling us at 417-256-4592 or notifying us in person. If you cancel your HLWC member membership, you will no longer be entitled to HLWC member privileges like preferential pricing and other HLWC member-only offers. If you decide to restart your membership the membership will begin the month following reinstatement. You may begin the member reinstatement process by contacting our office.
9. Non-payment will result in an immediate change of your Account status from Member to Non-member and your subsequent visits will be charged at the Non-member rates. A late payment will be treated the same as non-payment and will result in the same Account status change as non-payment. Membership reinstatement following a non-payment/late payment Account status change will begin the month following reinstatement. For example: if your payment is due on the first of the month and no payment is made and you have an appointment on the sixth of the month, you will be charged non-member prices for your services on the sixth even if you wish to reinstate at that time.

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